• Sizes 2500 to 5000 U.S. gallons
  • Scrape only once a day
  • Lower labour costs
  • Reduces odor
  • Loads sand laden manure
  • Fast loading - In one pass - No stopping

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Tractor Pull

Truck Mounted

Custom order, please contact Loewen Welding for information and pricing.

Comments from the Dairyman

"One Honey-Vac®; tank handles all my manure requirements, keeps the lanes clean, transports it to the pit and hauls the manure from the pit to the fields in the spring."

"Went from 2 men all day down to 1 man for 2 hours to take care of the muk."

"Scrapes the manure from my lanes clean as a whistle in one pass. Now I don't have to deal with all the mess in the corrals."

"Since I got the Honey-Vac® we stopped using the flush. I got tired of the cows walking in 6" of manure. It even handles sand bedding."